The Search For Blind, Deaf Dog In Lacey Is Over

LACEY TOWNSHIP, NJ – Despite heroic efforts to find and save Rusty, an elderly blind and deaf dog who went missing earlier this week, searchers and his owner now know the little dog died when he fell into the water near his backyard.

“It has been confirmed that Rusty did fall off the dock into the water and did not make it out,” said Matt Geissinger, the administrator of Lost Dogs in Ocean County.

Dr. Laura Cromal and her search dog Cruz from H-K9 Search & Rescue Lost Dog Recovery Team went out Friday on her paddleboard into the inlet. She spotted Rusty’s remains in the water but could not get to him.

Several other volunteers – including Ken Probst and Stan Concord went out at daybreak Saturday morning to try and find Rusty, but were unsuccessful.

“We are asking anyone in that area to keep their eyes open and to contact Elizabeth Hugg the animal control officer from A-Academy Animal Control for that area if they spot Rusty’s remains,” Geissinger said. “Our deepest condolences to the family and we pray that the pain of losing their longtime family member is not too much for them to bear.”

Photos: Courtesy of Matt Geissinger


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