Search And Rescue Saturday — Life Lessons From Your Dog

The past six months have been incredibly stressful for me.  There are issues at work, the Chief Editor’s health, and my wanting to do more with my boy but just not able to are just a few things.  It all builds up.  Sometimes it just out right stinks.  While traveling back home from Wisconsin the other weekend I began to really notice that I was just able to breathe.  Yes, it sounds odd, but I was thinking about life lessons learned from my K-9 partner over our last five years together.

Practice Makes Perfect

The weather was outstanding during the drive home.  Küster did a great job doing his part at the training and we were already though the Chicagoland area heading back home.  For the most part Küster travels in the back of my car in his crate.  But, from time to time I will put my things typically on the front passenger seat in the trunk. He then gets to co-pilot.  With the windows partly down and radio turned up,  we were both relaxed and enjoying the fresh air.

He takes everything in stride.  Yes, he is a hard worker, but he loves his play time.  All our hard work training always ends with a fun game of tug.  He reminds me to work hard but enjoy what you are doing.  Also, don’t forget to de-stress and play.  The Chief Editor would say something more like, “love life with intensity and abandon.”  She’s a much better writer than me.

K9 Küster Returns

Weekend Pass

While we are driving home I see him just taking everything in stride.  He just sits there looking around.  If Küster was in his crate he would be sleeping.  But, today he is having an adventure.  Sometimes looking at things in a different way might just be the trick.

It’s funny how smallest of things can have such a huge impact.  What’s something small that has made a difference for you?

Pet Me, Pet Me, Pet Me -- Tales and Tails

Pet Me, Pet Me, Pet Me

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