Today for Search and Rescue Saturday I would like … All we need is a dog named Woody in the group to complete the trio. Anyway, Jesse has some very big paws to fill being that K9 Sula is now retired. It is always very exciting when there is a new … Link.

Canine handlers from around the United States assembled in Castaic for mock search and rescue exercises on Saturday … who was confident in his dog’s ability to pass the test. “The canines are really such a valuable tool of the team,” said Smith. Link.

estimates that close to one million rescue dogs are imported annually from regions not known for stellar canine health and safety standards. They include dogs from Puerto Rico, Turkey, several countries in the Middle East and as far away as China and Korea. Link.

A rescued dog will soon be rescuing others. The owner and trainer of Blue Streak K9 Blake Bristow said he was contacted … She’s showing very promising signs to being a search and rescue dog here in Northeast Arkansas.” Bristow specializes in training … Link.

The dogs, eager to begin the search, fidgeted and whined. K9 Alert Search and Rescue Dogs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a dozen members – all of them volunteers – who train almost every weekend so that they will be ready when they are needed. Link.

… more involved for the team members of Maine Search and Rescue Dogs (MESARD) and Maine Mounted Search and Rescue who not only need to make sure they are prepared but also their canine and equine partner as well. There is a tool that is often used … Link.

and “turns them into police dogs – search and rescue, bomb detection or a canine officer, and gives it to an underfunded police department” that can’t afford dogs bred in Europe that sell for $30,000. Cops get a trained dog, dog gets a home. As Millan said … Link.