SARDUS, in conjunction with Region 3 K-9 Search and Rescue, also conducted evaluations on “trailing,” following scent trails, and “wilderness air scent” searches, where the dog tries to locate people in a certain area, during the clinic held Oct … Link.

The Canadian Search and Disaster Dogs Association (CASDDA) will offer a K-9 Search and Rescue seminar and workshop in Abbotsford, on Friday Nov. 18th through Sunday Nov. 20th. The session is to explore the possibility of starting a local K-9 Search and … Link.

Congratulations Handler Joan and K-9 Buzz and Handler Kathleen and … re-find as a final response. Where as the disaster test only allows for the bark and hold as the final response. After the dog teams show the evaluators their final responses … Link.

At the Oklahoma City National Memorial Thursday, the Switzers revealed the Ground Zero K9 initiative, which encompasses training search and rescue certified dogs and providing them to agencies right here in Oklahoma. Being in one of the most disaster-prone … Link.