Rescue dog works at Escambia County Road Prison Escambia County Road Dept. K-9, Britt, waits for the command to begin a routine search of department’s vehicles April 20, 2017. Check out this story on Link.

Yes, it sounds odd, but I was thinking about life lessons learned from my K-9 partner over our last five years together. The weather was outstanding during the drive home. Küster did a great job doing his part at the training and we were already though … Link.

as well as one that helped with search and rescue after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. “The Matthews have been one of the best couples to provide those dogs,” said Wilma Melville, founder of the National Disaster Search Dogs Foundation in California. Link.

The 19-week course trains dogs to help with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and military sexual trauma. Mary used to lead a K9 search and rescue unit, but then she saw what dogs could do for veterans in crisis. “We’re had them come and sit outside and just … Link.

The snow conditions were hard for digging and Colwell said by midday that search crews including rescue dogs were tiring out and being relieved by a fresh group of volunteers. He said the phenomenal effort of all those involved in the search meant “we’ve … Link.

Well, we were assisting the Search Dog Organization of North America (SDONA). SDONA was asked to travel to Kensosha,WI and speak with a new K9 Search and Rescue team. So, the instructors and helpers headed up north from their respective areas to run the … Link.

The discussion tied in nicely with the presentation the department gave on its K-9 units … department has two dogs, a boxer and a German shepherd, and leases the services of a bomb detection dog and two bloodhounds for search and rescue. Link.