The K-9 dog fits the bill of a trusty rescuer … the dogs could officially register as rescue dogs for the United Nations. This meant the dogs could take part in urban search rescues when a disaster like an earthquake or tsunami strikes. Link.

Valiant Holly the Labrador, who put her incredible rescue skills to work in some of the worst disaster zones in recent … As the world of search and rescue lauded Holly, believed to be one of the youngest dogs ever to qualify for the difficult role … Link.

This constituted the largest deployment of canines or SAR’s (Search and Rescue Dogs … Many of the dogs suffered from scorched paws; smoke inhalation and chemical exposure. The SAR dogs learn specialized disaster response skills and are trained to … Link.

It’s no secret that the Chief Editor and I have four dogs at home. Three of them love the cooler weather. One, Flattery, does not. She just gives you a look that say’s baby it’s cold outside. Now for my K-9 partner baby it’s cold outside is … Link.

Joan a follow teammate and our team Sergeant from McLean County EMA, Search and Rescue … K-9 Buzz. I thought this just might be fun. So below is Joan’s blog post discussing how to choose a training protocol. About the only thing two dog trainers … Link.