the foundation of everything in K9 search and rescue. Let’s take a minute to think about this. Does the dog you are training have the drive and confidence to work? Be it in the worst disaster ever or out trailing a missing four-year-old. Link.

The situation parallels your search … dog, but there are better and worse fits for everyone’s situation. A Navy Seal K9 candidate will be far different from your standard family pet. Just as there are dozens of pups in your local rescue shelter … Link.

Together they provide ‘an eye in the air and a nose on the ground’ for Swiss search and rescue … A drone flies by as a dog and handler from the Swiss disaster dog association Redog take psrt in a simulation rescue exercise She pointed out that the … Link.

“The K9 unit will consist of four disciplines namely fire investigation, urban disaster, cadaver … has really helped in operations such as search and rescue. “In Peninsular Malaysia, we have four dogs for each discipline. The K9 unit is stationed … Link.

GENEVA– Rescue workers used a helicopter and dogs to search for at least eight people still unaccounted … “These people may have been in the disaster area at the time of the event,” he told reporters in the nearby town of Stampa. “We hope this was … Link.