Abarca “fired all of the rounds in his pistol in the direction of the officers and the K-9,” according to a sworn affidavit filed with charges. The dog was shot several … in a helicopter crash on a 2013 search-and-rescue near Talkeetna. Link.

The dog, named Tie-hsiung, is the leader of a rescue dog team belonging to the Taichung Fire Bureau, which sent two rescue dogs and 26 people to help search for people trapped … glass and ceramic items at the disaster scene during numerous patrols. Link.

Tuei Tuei’s trainer Lin You-zhun applauded his own black labrador who was sent to search the hotel’s upper floors. “Usually we choose where and when we train, and it is always in a safe area. But during a natural disaster, we never know when there will be … Link.

A new K-9 officer … to search vehicles that otherwise we could not search. Certainly we don’t have the noses to smell what they can smell … in a search and rescue situation or a fleeing suspect, we don’t have the tracking capabilities that dog’s … Link.

Geissinger credited the Lost Dog Search & Rescue Group, John Martinez, Victoria Gerlach, the H-K9 Search and Rescue Lost Dog Recovery, the couple that made the call, Jaeger’s owner, Jennifer Sloboda Fusco and the Berkeley Patch for bringing the dog home. Link.

(KBTX)-Once a year, Texas Task Force 1 holds a training for search and rescue canine … “These dogs are athletes, and like any other athlete, they have to be trained well, especially when it comes to a disaster–unfortunately we never know when that … Link.