Retired search and rescue dog Nikita has died. Nikita died on Friday at age 13. The dog was a retired member of the Effingham County K9 Search and Rescue Team. Nikita was a member of the family of Kevin, Jane and Shane Bullard. She was retired in 2012 … Link.

He has driven approximately 3,000 miles annually and trained about 350 hours annually for formal K9 trainings. Stein has been a part of Search and Rescue, an all-volunteer team for 15 years. Kody was Rick Stein’s first certified dog. He passed away at the … Link.

to help the agency in its search and rescue operations should disaster strike. MMDA officer in charge and general manager Tim Orbos said that 120 volunteers and their dogs participated in their K-9 disaster response training on Saturday. The program aims … Link.