Alexander City Rescue Squad, Regional Paramedic Service, SAR K9’s of Alabama, the American Red Cross, and Red Mountain Search Dog Association. We would like to thank the literally hundreds of volunteers who offered their assistance throughout Saturday … Link.

The newest members of the disaster search K9 teams — the dogs that learn the skills to assist in searches and rescues throughout the state. Marley and Echo are both rescue dogs. Their new handlers have spent the last two weeks in intensive training in … Link.

GUILDERLAND – New York’s Division of Homeland Security unleashed its newest weapons. Two new disaster search K-9 teams were unveiled in Guilderland on Friday. They will be used in urban search and rescue and respond to disaster situations across the state. Link.

Abarca “fired all of the rounds in his pistol in the direction of the officers and the K-9,” according to a sworn affidavit filed with charges. The dog was shot several … in a helicopter crash on a 2013 search-and-rescue near Talkeetna. Link.

The dog, named Tie-hsiung, is the leader of a rescue dog team belonging to the Taichung Fire Bureau, which sent two rescue dogs and 26 people to help search for people trapped … glass and ceramic items at the disaster scene during numerous patrols. Link.

Tuei Tuei’s trainer Lin You-zhun applauded his own black labrador who was sent to search the hotel’s upper floors. “Usually we choose where and when we train, and it is always in a safe area. But during a natural disaster, we never know when there will be … Link.