Hudson’s K9 Search and Rescue Team needs new boat


The “K9 Search and Rescue Team” with the Hudson Fire Department are usually in the business of helping people, but they’re currently seeking help from the public to buy a new rescue boat.

Ricky Rodriguez, the vice president of the team, has been working with his search and rescue dog, Tex, for two years now and said that he doesn’t

see how other emergency teams do the job without them.

“A dog’s sense of smell is three times greater than a humans so whatever we can’t smell they can,” Rodriguez said.

But, Rodriguez said the SAR team has their hands tied when it comes to taking the dogs on water-located emergencies.

“We can go to seminars or whatever and we’re able to use their resources,” Rodriguez said. “As far as ourselves though, we do not have the resources to get on the water and train ourselves, at this time.”

The few smaller boats that volunteers owned personally were taken out of commission during Hurricane Harvey’s floods.

“While down there we ended up losing that boat,” Rodriguez said. “They got in the water and caught a barbed wire fence.”

Rodriguez and others took their experiences during Harvey and realized that, having the canine team with them would mean everything. 

“In the water there’s really no way for the human eye to recognize there’s a body there,” Rodriguez said.

But, for dogs, following a person’s smell on land, it’s the same as on water. 

“Different chemicals and the different odors that the body produces will float to the top of the water,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he believes a new rescue boat would help them serve a wider area.

“Having the resources would make us more deploy-able to other areas and different styles of calls,” Rodriguez.

Those wishing to donate towards the boating fund can visit the Facebook page for Hudson’s K9 SAR team and send money digitally. The SAR team is also fundraising by selling barbeque. They are currently taking order for the food that will be available April 15.

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