Farewell to retired search and rescue K-9

SHREVEPORT, La – A dog is honored after living a life of serving others.

The Shreveport Fire Department celebrates the life of Tracker who’s a live search dog.

His handler Rick Morrow says he was nothing short of his name; tracking down people the police needed to find.

“He had a good career a successful career.”

The black lab was named Louisiana’s “Pet of the Year” after finding a man in the woods who kidnaped his two daughters in 2008.

“Literally under five minutes tracker found the man and the two girls,” said Marrow.

Tracker was 14 years old.

Fire officials say sometimes they have to put retired service dogs down to keep them from suffering in old age.

“I’m very grateful for everything that he did for me, even beyond just being my best friend and my partner and a pet,” said Marrow.

Tracker is being buried beside 8 other fallen service dogs.


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