Disaster Dog

SFD Search and Rescue K-9, Tracker, was put to sleep this morning due to health … as a Wilderness Live Search Dog and through the SFD as a Disaster Search Dog. · Named 2008 Louisiana Pet of the Year · Deployed to Tuscaloosa, Al in 2011 with the … Link.

“These dogs are trained to find people. So we train all the time to disassociate critters from real people,” said Gary Bonneau, President of the Alpha Team K9 Search and Rescue Group. “We have a good skills. We have great dogs. We’re just passionate about … Link.

Throughout his lifetime of volunteer search-and-rescue service, Deker and the Halls, his handlers, who live in Clinton, were recognized by numerous organizations for their work. The dog was a member of the Emergency K-9 Operations, Inc. Search and Rescue … Link.

The beginning of hope It started in 2008, recalls President and CEO Tim Hetzner, with four golden retrievers and a relief mission just outside New Orleans, Louisiana: “When Hurricane Katrina hit, FEMA asked if we could do search and rescue for people and … Link.

Disaster First Response, Human Remains Detection, and Search and Rescue. Deker passed national certifications with the North American Police Work Dog Association and was the third K-9 to serve on the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve. He traveled … Link.