The Newbold Fire Department’s K-9 Search and Rescue team is mourning the loss of a devoted and beloved teammate. Pepper, a 10-year-old Dalmatian-Labrador mix who had been a search and rescue dog for eight years, three of those with the Newbold Fire … Link.

One dog and handler from K9 Search & Rescue practices “hot loading”, or loading while the helicopter was running. All participating team members received a “Lift Ticket” which shows that they have received the training necessary for working with … Link.

Other working animals help different professionals, such as police K9 dogs, different kinds of search and rescue animals … Create a strategy to help your animals survive and cope with a disaster, 6 p.m. Jan. 24 “What Kind of Animal — Service … Link.

The K-9 dog fits the bill of a trusty rescuer … the dogs could officially register as rescue dogs for the United Nations. This meant the dogs could take part in urban search rescues when a disaster like an earthquake or tsunami strikes. Link.

Valiant Holly the Labrador, who put her incredible rescue skills to work in some of the worst disaster zones in recent … As the world of search and rescue lauded Holly, believed to be one of the youngest dogs ever to qualify for the difficult role … Link.