A few months ago we introduced the fine readers of this blog to our latest K-9 Candidate, Newton … Newton just might be doing agility at a local dog club. But as for search and rescue Newton was more interested in other things and not searching … Link.

Forty-three people died in the disaster. Calkins spent time on the scene as a state police spokesman, then went back on his own time with his pet Golden Retriever, Ruger, a trained search and rescue dog, to look for victims in the debris field. Ruger was … Link.

Sometimes they would let her keep the animals and sometimes not, but they would always find homes for the dogs. Karen is still dedicated … for establishing and training the Volunteer K-9 search and rescue team based out of the Mecca Fire Department. Link.

The dog had been exposed to a lot of heavy smoke in a short time. Gene Ryan, a firefighter and paramedic, explains he’s a K-9 handler: He has a “disaster dog” and had undergone special training to care for animals. He grabbed a medical kit off one of … Link.

Two new search and rescue dogs have a new home in the metro, and two more firefighters have a new K-9 partner. “It’s no surprise … City areas that were affected within an hour of the disaster, of the tornado coming through. And they were working the … Link.