This week for search and rescue Saturday … For trailing and tracking K-9’s there are a few popular theories about scent. The first theory is that K-9’s are not following the human scent. This theory involves the dog following vegetation and … Link.

The participants were K-9 rescue handlers from 17 states who came to run their dogs through the facility’s disaster training area … a kind of Disney World for those in the search and rescue business. “This is the second time we’ve done a workshop … Link.

Firefighters who specialise in natural disasters saved a dog trapped 15ft beneath a garden patio … Dorset fire brigade summoned the urban search and rescue team from the neighbouring Devon brigade who, led by a local history buff familiar with the … Link.

took three officers to catch him and bring him into the Clay County Animal Rescue and Education Center. But in connecting with Sheila Stern, a handler/recruiter for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, CCARE director Sheila found the perfect p … Link.