This constituted the largest deployment of canines or SAR’s (Search and Rescue Dogs … Many of the dogs suffered from scorched paws; smoke inhalation and chemical exposure. The SAR dogs learn specialized disaster response skills and are trained to … Link.

It’s no secret that the Chief Editor and I have four dogs at home. Three of them love the cooler weather. One, Flattery, does not. She just gives you a look that say’s baby it’s cold outside. Now for my K-9 partner baby it’s cold outside is … Link.

Joan a follow teammate and our team Sergeant from McLean County EMA, Search and Rescue … K-9 Buzz. I thought this just might be fun. So below is Joan’s blog post discussing how to choose a training protocol. About the only thing two dog trainers … Link.

He turned, grabbed his dog, Remi Lebaux, and left … American Humane sends teams around the country to disaster-stricken areas sometimes to search and rescue and sometimes, like in Gatlinburg, to help however they can with shelters. Link.

The participants were K9 rescue handlers from 17 states who came to run their dogs through the facility’s disaster training area … a kind of Disney World for those in the search and rescue business. “This is the second time we’ve done a workshop … Link.