The dog still needs to be obedient and respectful. Heel when walking, for example, but the training time look more like play time. So what would this look like in the K-9 Search and Rescue world? After all, unlike the dog sports world which has a … Link.

Cochise County Search and Rescue volunteers were called out and developed a plan to retrieve the dog using a rope rescue system. Because of previous dog rescues and the use of SAR dogs, volunteers had a K9 rescue harness in their kit. Two volunteers … Link.

Texas – The Fort Worth Police Department is hoping North Texans will vote for one of its K9 friends in a national contest. The police department said 11-year-old Luca is a candidate for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards’ “Search and Rescue” title. Link.

Current spoke about her duty on the K-9 Search and Rescue unit with her dog. She also spoke about her role as a canine officer and handler. Current explained that the dogs are trained and bred for their intelligence and strong sense of smell by their handlers. Link.

a growing group of dog enthusiasts meet every weekend to train their pets to do just that, in case “the Big One” strikes. “What we want to do is raise disaster awareness,” says Ramon Santiago, Technical Head of the MMDA K9 Search and Rescue Unit. Link.

“To them, they’re playing hide and seek,” said Alice Holmes, the K9 coordinator … opening to rescue the helpless journalist. Atlas, who makes her living teaching scent dogs to find dead bodies, live victims and even bedbugs, says disaster drills like … Link.