The Friends of Umpqua Valley Police K-9 Programs is holding it’s annual Hops for K … salad dessert and beer available for guests. Three search and rescue dogs and two patrol dogs will be the featured guests of the event. “We have such a great time … Link.

The reward is only giving at the correct person. There are many other games we play to help train the scent discriminating dogs I just explained two examples. The more I train and work the my K-9 partner and with other K-9 teams it always leaves me … Link.

(KOIN) — Ava the search dog had a steak dinner Sunday night one day … were brought into service as Portland police looked for the toddler. Becky Irving and K-9 Ava with Mountain Wave Search and Rescue, February 20, 2017 (KOIN) Around 6 a.m. Saturday … Link.

The team had been looking for a new K9 partner due to his current dog washing out of the program. Today for Search and Rescue Saturday I would like to introduce the readers to a potential member for our K-9 team, K-9 Candidate Kona. It is always very … Link.

The Humane Rescue Alliance does everything they can to get dogs adopted – or into programs like Bongo’s, for working dogs. And it turns out – the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is in desperate need of more dogs like Bongo. If you would like more … Link.

LAKELAND, FL — Lakeland Fire Rescue officially has a new four-legged member on its Urban Search and Rescue Team … “In the event that a disaster like that strikes again, Lt. Hazelbaker and his dogs are certified and ready to help,” the agency … Link.

and by state and federal disaster organizations such as FEMA.Search and Rescue Dogs: Training the K-9 Hero, 2nd Edition provides:* Clear, step-by-step lessons on training your dog for a variety of search and rescue operations* Ways to keep your dog and … Link.