The rescue group known as the “Cajun Navy” has performed hundreds of rescues since Hurricane Harvey flooded the Houston area on Monday. The Cajun Coast Search and Rescue team … 5 trained K-9 dogs and a military rescue vehicle. Commander Toney Wade … Link.

He has fans on Reddit according to the Cherry Capital Airport K-9 Team. Piper’s protection … 6. Phases of disaster relief. Remember that every disaster has several phases – rescue, emergency relief and recovery. Each part relies on public support … Link.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a disaster response team on the ground offering search and rescue, sheltering and relocation … as volunteers scooped cats and dogs off rooftops, out of the water and from flooded streets … Link.

The Beverly-based team joins many others heading to the disaster brought on by Hurricane Harvey … “They will be engaging in search and rescue operations, helping people who are trapped,” Gatzunis said. This includes those in buildings that are … Link.