Congratulations Handler Joan and K-9 Buzz and Handler Kathleen and … re-find as a final response. Where as the disaster test only allows for the bark and hold as the final response. After the dog teams show the evaluators their final responses … Link.

At the Oklahoma City National Memorial Thursday, the Switzers revealed the Ground Zero K9 initiative, which encompasses training search and rescue certified dogs and providing them to agencies right here in Oklahoma. Being in one of the most disaster-prone … Link.

Nero, a Contract Working Dog (CWD), served 7 years … of the volunteers behind Mission K9 Rescue as their first retired warrior to return home from Afghanistan. His much-deserved homecoming became a near-tragic disaster when his plane experienced a … Link.

It went to be professionally-certified in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a K9 Search and Rescue Team Oct. 16. There were four dogs certified in Search and Rescue and K9s are cross-trained in scent detection, K9 drug detection and K9 personal protection. Link.