The dog’s quick … and special rescue scenarios. Idaho received federal funding to respond to the mandate, and in 2005, the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department K9 team was created. “Our primary mission is to support the Idaho State Search and Rescue team … Link.

From the time they became a team back in April, Croteau has spent countless hours training her pup as an area search and live find disaster dog … rescue squad covers all of Minnesota and the five-state region, providing trained and nationally certified … Link.

When disaster strikes, K9 search and rescue dogs are often used to help locate missing people. The recent events in Oklahoma is the kind of scenario where the dogs would be used. According to Search and Rescue Ontario from Canada, the dogs can smell and … Link.

Gage has been a search and rescue dog since he was six-months old. He spent a year in Iraq helping to search for and bring home missing soldiers. He is trained as a Search and Recovery K9, Disaster Dog, Level I Area SAR dog, and HRD land and water recovery K9. Link.

It’s all part of Oklahoma Task Force 1’s regional search and rescue testing. Each dog will have 15 minutes to run through … “When we bring them out here, this is their playground.” Stoops’ K9 partner Magnum passed the tests on Saturday, but the pair … Link.